07/01/12 Christchurch Brony Meetup Success

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07/01/12 Christchurch Brony Meetup Success

Post  Zaerosz on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:24 pm

^ This is me here, on the far left. Also, 4th dude from the right is the one who photoshopped the ponies in.
Our main objective for the day was to see the new Tintin movie, which was awesome by the way, as well as just generally hang out, raid the toy stores and get the dude in the middle a Woona t-shirt. Highlights included me getting sprayed by a bottle of fizzy drink, resulting in a completely soaked shirt, me knocking shit over in the shops and me choking on M&Ms. Apparently I was the entertainment for the group until the movie started. All in all, we had a generally awesome time and we've all agreed to do it again some time.
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