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"After the orbital strikes, Thunderhawk bombardments, Whirlwinds, Vindicators, fusion and starfire and finally Battle Brothers with flamers had finished cleansing the world of all the enemies of Man, we built a monastery in the center of the largest, most radioactive impact crater. We named the planet "Tranquility", for it was very quiet now."
- Brother Vlad Carthas

There is, on the world of Gudrun, a small house. Private and alone, it is almost two days travel from any city. It is called Tranquility. And today, it had been penetrated by an assassin.

Silence filled the dark room, to be broken by the person who had been asleep.

"You're here, at last," he said, to the empty room.

A pause, and then "Yes."

The man nodded. "It's been so long. I thought, perhaps, they had forgotten."

"We never forget."

"Of course not," said the man with a chuckle. "Will I be missed?" he asked, as if discussing the price of an apple.

"Your friends may mourn. But there will always be another person to fill your space."

Silence resumed its reign for almost a minute, before the man spoke again. "It's funny, isn't it? Two hundred years ago, I was the most puritan of us. And now...I'm to die for my radicality."


"Is it such a crime, though? I saved countless worlds. Not once have I given in to Chaos - not once!"

"That is not for me to decide."

"So you pursue your work without thought?" asked the man, sarcastically.


"Good." The man smiled, in his bed. "You know, of course, that this wasn't the first time that people have tried to have me killed?"

"Of course."

"God-Emperor speed you."

And the explosion that followed broke the Tranquility of the area.

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